Training people so that people can train dogs!

Training should not be considered a luxury that is only provided if there is time.  It is an essential part of good animal care.  It should not be a last ditch effort.  Only with proper and correct training can animals and humans have enjoyable and safe interactions.

Training your pet is well worth the time and investment.  Training should be completed before issues arise.  Along with proper veterinary care, nutrition, and behavioral management, training is the responsibility of all of us with the privilege of caring for pets.

Walter R. Nasert

If you are tired of traditional training or, you are not getting the results you want, we can help!  As trainers, we will slowly and carefully guide you through the training steps.  Each step will be clear and understandable.  We will show you how positive reinforcement and clicker training will create a better relationship between you and your pet.

 Why do we excel with our training?  Simply put we love what we do!